Economic and ecological solution using heating blades

SLIMCOMFORT is a leading company in low consumption heating systems based on a unique ultrathin technology of heating blades.




With an outstanding thickness of only 1mm, it is installed on the wall being "invisible" after application, once installed it can be painted or decorated with mirrors, tiles or wallpaper. 

Low consumption  

Heating panels with low electricity consumption (up to 0.8 kW / h). 


Does not remove humidity from the air, emit odors, raise dust, nor make noise. 


No maintenance is required and it has low installation costs. 


Can be integrated in a smart home management system and/or scheduled independently in each division. 


Does not burn or spills any kind of liquid


Slimcomfort step by step



Although SLIMCOMFORT panels can be installed any time in any home, its installation is mostly recommended during construction or rehabilitation.

The following images illustrate a typical installation process for SLIMCOMFORT panels.

1. Locate and define on the wall the locations where the electrical boxes will be placed: one for each SLIMCOMFORT panel and another for the thermostat or chronothermostat. The mason opens the holes for the installation of the electrical infrastructure, and the electrical cables are laid accordingly.

2. Once the wall is finished (plaster, or stucco, or cement...) but prior to painting, it is time to install the SLIMCOMFORT panels.

3.  Special SCFLEX thermal glue is applied on the wall covering the surface where the panel is to be installed. Two electrical conductors (phase and neutral) in multifilament or flexible wire are required. These two conductors are welded to the SLIMCOMFORT panels.

4. The SLIMCOMFORT panel is applied on the wall (comparable to wallpaper application). It is important to be careful with the technique to avoid air pockets behind the panel. After, it is necessary to mechanically press the SLIMCOMFORT panel against the wall, to guarantee a good adherence to the wall.

5 & 6. The panel protrudes from the wall by about 1.5 millimeters, this is disguised in about 20 to 40 cm around the entire perimeter of the panel. After, the wall can be painted, and the panel disappears into the wall.

The installation is done!

How 150 slimcomfort panels look like?

Due to their slim design, the slimcomfort panels are very easy to transport. Palletization for sea or air transport is usually done with 150 units.