Ultrathin Heating systems

The science behind the Slimcomfort system

The heating system developed by SLIMCOMFORT falls under radiant heating; based on the assumption of zero energy waste, SLIMCOMFORT achieves full utilization of the energy consumed, ensuring a constant indoor temperature and thus immense comfort with extremely low consumption.

Using unique technology, SLIMCOMFORT heaters are only 1mm thick, making them "invisible" after installation, with the process being straightforward and cost-effective. The heating is applied to the surfaces of walls. The final finish can be whatever was initially planned (wallpaper, paint, tiles, stone, or other), making its location imperceptible.


Heat transmission by radiation is the form of transmission that uses radiant energy emitted and absorbed by bodies in a similar manner to the way energy is transmitted by light. In fact, heat radiation and light differ physically in the wavelength that produces them. In general, the term radiation applies to any process in which energy is transmitted through electromagnetic waves.

In a dwelling, there are several heat losses that can be compensated for in different ways. SLIMCOMFORT presents a system based on radiant electric panels that can be placed on walls, causing them to heat up through radiation, which is its main difference compared to other systems that typically rely on convection.

The most common convection heating systems usually circulate water through pipes embedded in cement or plaster, or even conduct hot air through ducts.

Each slimcomfort panel has a surface area ranging from 1m2 to 2m2 and a thickness of just 1 mm. They heat up through the transport and resistivity to low-voltage electrical energy with low consumption ranging between 250W and 950W, depending on the model or reference of the slimcomfort panel, emitting heat through gentle and continuous radiation.

Like all radiation heating systems, the aim of this heating is not only to compensate for heat losses in dwellings but also to maintain high thermal comfort.

So, the science behind Slimcomfort lies in its utilization of radiant heating technology. Radiant heating operates on the principle of emitting infrared radiation, which directly heats objects and surfaces within a space, rather than heating the air. This type of heating system offers several advantages:


  1. Efficiency: Radiant heating systems like Slimcomfort can be more energy-efficient compared to traditional convection heating systems because they don't rely on heating and circulating air throughout a room.

  2. Comfort: Radiant heating provides more even and consistent warmth across a space since it heats objects and surfaces directly. This can result in a more comfortable environment with fewer cold spots.

  3. Health Benefits: Because radiant heating systems don't rely on moving air, they can help reduce the circulation of allergens, dust, and other airborne particles, potentially improving indoor air quality and providing health benefits for occupants.

  4. Design Flexibility: Slimcomfort panels are thin and can be installed discreetly on walls or ceilings, offering flexibility in design and space utilization.

  5. Response: Slimcomfort Radiant heating systems start to heat up quickly and can adjust temperature settings rapidly, providing responsive heating when needed.

Overall, the science behind Slimcomfort involves harnessing the principles of radiant heating to create a comfortable, efficient, and versatile heating solution for residential and other spaces.


Characteristics and product description

SLIMCOMFORT heating system is a millimeter panel made out of carbon pigments, resins, silicates, feldspar and mica, covered with a layer/paint of electrically conductive resistance that forms a circuit. The heater is fireproof and anticorrosive.

The panel is 1 mm thick with a high calorific radiant power and very low electricity consumption, permitting an operation with very low voltage, leading to very reduced energy consumptions. As the panels are fixed on the wall the heater is not perceptible after installation, having thus no impact on the decoration and space harmony.   The system is available in different dimensions (check technical specifications) and may be installed in the wall or, in smaller dimension, under a table, or behind a mirror or toilette hanger (WC), among other applications according the final need.

Slimcomfort system - Economic, imperceptible, healthy, ecological



SLIMCOMFORT PANELS offer a heating system based ultrathin radiant blades with an outstanding performance:

It is fireproof and waterproof, providing a safe system, as dangerous electrical discharges can never occur, because the connection to the 220V electrical network is translated to 40V in living rooms or bedrooms and 24V in bathrooms or humid areas (depending on the panel size).

It completely eliminates moisture on the application surfaces, thanks to the gentle emission of radiation provided by the entire system. This feature also gives the system an anti-fogging property, which can be very useful, for example, in bathroom installations, by placing the radiant slimcomfort panel behind the mirror, achieving the dual effect of heating the bathroom and preventing moisture buildup, minimizing condensation.

It does not create decoration problems, as the system becomes imperceptible after application. When placed on the wall, it can, with proper precautions, be covered with different types of decorative elements such as wallpaper, paint, tiles, mirrors, etc. This allows for a perfect finish on the wall, without making it apparent that there is a heating panel on the surface of the wall. Moreover, it allows for maximum utilization of usable surface area per square meter, as its millimetric system does not occupy space, allowing for better utilization.

Being an intelligent system that allows for simple selection of the rooms to be heated and their respective schedule, it also contributes to greater efficiency and savings compared to other systems. Considering its low thermal inertia and the rapid heating of a space to the desired temperature, when combined with a programming system, it easily enables rooms to be kept at desired temperatures with minimal energy consumption.

It does not raise dust as it does not produce air currents. Heat transmission occurs through radiation, with a maximum possible convection of 5%. Another health advantage is that it does not alter the humidity level of the environment, as it does not dry out the air, providing greater comfort compared to other systems, thus avoiding typical respiratory problems caused by other climate control systems.

It has no maintenance costs, which is a huge advantage in terms of product lifecycle. The system does not require water, diesel, oil, or gas piping. It also does not need boilers, filter changes (air or diesel), or pump maintenance (heat pumps).

It does not produce harmful smoke into the environment, nor does it generate noise, unlike systems such as diesel burner boilers and heat pump systems. The SLIMCOMFORT system is absolutely silent and clean.

It has low installation costs. We estimate that the price difference between installing the SLIMCOMFORT system and any other central heating system is about 50% more economical, taking into account the complete absence of piping, boilers, radiators, and all the inherent installation work. Savings are also related to the fact that the installation of this system is about 10 times faster than any other.

Lastly, it's important to mention the low consumption and extremely high energy efficiency. The panels are low consumption (approx. 800 kWh, much lower than the typical 2400 kWh of a normal oil radiator)