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Digital Thermostat Slimcomfort

Digital thermostat Ref:SCCRON 

Slimcomfort recommends a chrono thermostat, allowing to program individual and automatically the desired temperature in each room according its specific usage needs. With a chrono thermostat it is ensured a significant potential for energy saving guarantying simultaneously a high level of comfort.





ManPrgSCCRONManPrgSCCRON [3.316 Kb]

Analog Thermostat Slimcomfort


Analog thermostat Ref: SCTERM

Alternatively an analog thermostat can be used to program and maintain the desired temperature in each room.


SLIMFLEX - Special glue




Special Glue Ref: SCFLEX

The panel, with 1 mm thickness, is fixed to the wall using SLIMFLEX a special glue for this purpose.

Bag with 0,6l & aprox. 1kg

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